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Laminate Flooring in Atlanta

Laminate flooring, also known as engineered flooring, is a wood product that is made up of several layers or plies of wood and glue that is pressed together to form a solid product. Though not quite as robust as solid hardwoods, laminate flooring offers a great product which can be used in places that solid hardwoods cannot. The top layer of wood on the engineered floor is typically a quality hardwood layer, so the finish and look of the floor is often comparable to solid hardwood.

There are three main types of engineered laminate flooring:

  • Glued-Down - The wood is glued right to the subfloor, slab or even old flooring surface.
  • Stapled-Down - The wood is stapled to a solid and healthy wooden subfloor.
  • Floating - This can either be a lock-together (click-lock) or glued together system which is not attached to the subfloor or slab. As the name implies, the entire floor system "floats".

Laminate hardwood flooring comes in many different thicknesses, widths and board lengths. This is a very versatile product and is often used when the install location is not a standard one.

Laminate Flooring Pros:
- Less susceptible to temperature and humidity level changes due to cross-ply construction.
- Ability to install in tricky or non-standard locations.

Laminate Flooring Cons:
- Only some product lines may be refinished or resurfaced, and usually only once or twice.
- Slightly less durable than solid hardwood.

You may install engineered laminate flooring at any location in your home.

This type of flooring can be used on just about any type of surface, be it solid healty wood subfloor, slab or old flooring system.

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