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Carpet in Atlanta

Carpet is an easy choice for new flooring. Easy on the budget, with a quick install time and less maintenance, carpet is often chosen over hardwood for its simplicity.

There are several types of carpet, depending on fiber type:

  • Nylon - This is the most common carpet type.
  • Acrylic - Feels and looks like wool, but less expensive.
  • Olefin - Polypropylene based. Not quite as smooth or soft as Nylon.
  • Polyester - A good "bang for your buck" alternative to Nylon.
  • Wool - High quality with a great feel and very durable, yet expensive.

Blends of different fiber types are also available in some product lines.

Carpet often comes in grades from different manufacturers, however there is no universal grading system. You can only really compare grades among product lines from the same manufacturer. The main thing to look for is the amount of traffic the carpet is designed to withstand. (High traffic vs. low or medium traffic.) Again, these nomenclatures can only be compared among products from the same manufacturer.

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